The Puppet Project

We have a strong belief in the need for everyone to have the opportunity to tell their own story; to believe that their own story is worth telling and that there is someone, somewhere who will listen.  Through the puppet making process, making a self portrait as a puppet is a means to give a voice and a language to those who have little voice of their own. There is something intensely magical about being able to bring to life an inanimate object.  The power of being able to articulate that which cannot easily be spoken.

We work with many diverse organisations delivering projects that meet the needs of the people involved.

Working with Macmillan Family Support, CLIC Sargent and Ipswich Hospital we work with young people whose lives are affected by cancer.  Through puppets young people can explore and find a way to express their feelings.

people have the opportunity to show their true selves without holding back

it gives children the opportunity to be young

We have worked with the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s Youth Council working with young adults making puppets to create a video to represent their experiences of mental health and accessing services in a way that they felt was safe and private but still human and personable.  Members of the youth council took the film to Canada to present to the International Association of Youth Mental Health conference.

This moving and inspirational film can be seen here

We have worked with  Pupil Referral Units and young people to create puppets of themselves, with various primary school children focusing on their  emotional health and wellbeing through the creation of puppets  and alongside a small group of young people  suffering from severe psychological distress who were able to tell their story through puppets .


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