What we do

Art In Mind is an award winning arts in mental health project. The project provides art and create writing courses in museums, galleries and libraries throughout Suffolk.

Art in Mind brings together the arts, heritage and health care sectors in order to contribute to people’s wellbeing through engagement in art, culture and heritage.

Art in Mind provides a rich learning experience for adults in welcoming and inclusive environments.

I have learnt how to create 3D vessels, puppets, shadow boxes, draw and make portraits, increased my creative writing skills and rediscovered a love of textiles. But I have also made some huge changes in my life. Embarking on adult learning has improved my mental wellbeing to the point that I now feel like I lead a meaningful life rather than feeling like a shadow, an imposition on the lives of others’.  Art in Mind student

The Puppet Project 

At lockARTS we strongly believe in the need for everyone to have the opportunity to tell their own story; to believe that their own story is worth telling and that there is someone, somewhere who will listen.

Through the puppet making process those who have little voice of their own or believe their voice has been taken from them, can rediscover it and develop a new language. There is something intensely magical about being able to bring to life an inanimate object;  the power of being able to articulate that which cannot easily be spoken.

The project has worked with adults who made puppets to show the world who they really were, children whose lives have been affected by cancer and young adults who made a film about how their mental health impacts on their lives.

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