Who we are

We believe that we all have something of value to contribute to our community and to society. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to recognise what we have to offer.

We are committed to recognising those unique qualities in all of us and to offer help and support in developing them through the arts.

This is our team. We have each made a list of ten qualities that go towards making us who we are.

Juliet Lockhart

Founder of Lockarts and Artistic Director

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  • A finder of things
  • An experimenter of things
  • A maker of things
  • A teller of things
  • A fancier of things
  • A gatherer of things
  • An initiator of things
  • A founder of things
  • A fashioner of things
  • A scribe of things

Juliet’s background is firmly rooted in the arts. She is a practising sculptor, installation artist, puppet maker and sometime writer, interested in interdisciplinary ideas. Narrative weaves it way through her practice. She is curious about human stories and the layers of story that lie waiting beneath the surface of our landscape. She has a BA Hons in Fine Art and an MA in Literature and Creative Writing.

For over fifteen years Juliet has worked as an arts educator and in community arts both delivering and managing projects. Over the past few years she has developed both The Art In Mind Project and the Puppet Project and since graduating from the School of Social Entrepreneurs founded Lockarts. She believes that the most successful projects come from collaborative and partnership working. She is especially interested in working with the heritage and cultural sectors to provide rich and diverse environments in which to deliver arts in mental health projects.

Jan McGuire


jan photo 1


  • A mentor of people
  • An encourager of people
  • An initiator of projects
  • A researcher of ideas
  • An appreciator of creativity
  • A stitcher of fabrics
  • A swimmer of tides
  • A listener of whisperings
  • A lover of learning
  • An achiever of things

Jan has an established career within Education. An experienced classroom teacher of over 25 years, teaching from Primary through to Higher Education level. Learning and education are her central passions.

Jan currently works as a Trainer, Conference organiser, Advisor and Government officer. Utilising her breadth and depth of education experience, Jan works as a Regional and National Education Advisor and has written curriculum materials for the National Healthy Schools Programme, Religious Education and Citizenship curriculum.  A published author, Jan has specialised in researching into (EHWB) the Emotional Health and Wellbeing of children and young people, Citizenship and Religious Faith and financial and social deprivation of children and young people living in rural coastal areas. Jan is currently looking at the correlation between aspiration and achievement and emotional health and wellbeing.

Jan particularly enjoys supporting Head Teachers, SLT, classroom teachers and students with developing EHWB curriculum, and support strategies, by offering mentoring, training and consultation. Jan is also a volunteer for the National Teacher Support Network that provides active support and guidance for teachers experiencing stress and EHWB issues.

Experience of emotional health and wellbeing within education and its application as a practitioner has led to Jan’s interest in the arts as a fundamental strategy in responding to the growing concerns within education linked to staff and student stress, teacher recruitment, retention and achievement.

Jamie Allen


  • Listener
  • Footballer
  • Smiler
  • Trend Setter
  • Approachable
  • Hard-worker
  • Appreciative
  • Down to earth
  • Optimist
  • Thinker

Jamie is a newcomer to working life as he is just about to graduate with a Psychology Bsc Hons. He is fascinated by people and how they work, especially younger people in social settings. His dissertation was on Emerging Adults and the well-being of this group of 18-25 year olds. He also studied Forensic Psychology which has a strong implication within mental health and has always been intrigued by this.

Jamie has the dream of becoming a primary school teacher. This dream was realised when he was volunteering with children in various institutions helping with art classes or carnival preparations. So far, work has come in the form of being a psychology ambassador for the University of Lincoln, where he was President of the Psychology Society.

Ali Roscoe


  • Wild forager
  • Cloth shaper
  • Word guzzler
  • Seed sower
  • Veg grower
  • Moorland wanderer
  • Recyclomaniac
  • Kindling carrier
  • Story gatherer
  • Orange vamper

Ali has a background in education and has spent over 35 years working in schools and communities delivering her innovative projects. These projects have taken place in many varied settings and have involved participants of every age and ability.

She has worked with a wide range of organisations across the arts, environmental and heritage sectors, offering consultation, mentoring and training. She still works extensively in mainstream education delivering exciting art based projects throughout schools in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Ali is passionate about using a narrative based approach to unearth creativity and has designed resources and devised programmes of work to support this. She is particularly interested in childrens’ literacy and multicultural education and in the past has advised local authorities in this field.



  • Patient
  • Appreciative
  • Unorthodox
  • Loyal
  • Accepting
  • Benevolent
  • Open-minded
  • Worldly
  • Modernist
  • Artistic
  • Nurturing

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”

Maya Angelou.

Drawing has accompanied me throughout my life. Gaining a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design as an adult was the culmination of many years’ passion and interest in the subject of art. I also have a lifelong interest in psychology, and as an adult attained a Diploma from Birkbeck College, UCL; two years mental health training has appreciable broadened my knowledge of the condition of being human.

As a volunteer I have worked with recently arrived asylum seekers in a night shelter in London; offered an art making space for patients on an acute inpatient ward and continue to be involved with an arts and wellbeing charity, as both workshop facilitator and administrator.

My work life includes medical secretarial employment in health and social care environments in both Australia and the UK, with extended jaunts to Europe, the Middle East, India, Australasia and the Caribbean.



  • Enthusiastic
  • Friendly
  • Cheerful
  • Willing
  • Open
  • Hardworking
  • Organised
  • Creative
  • Interested
  • Likes a laugh

I worked for many years in a variety of educational settings, mainly wIth teenagers. My experience was gained from schools to creative activity schemes – the latter suiting me more as I much prefer working alongside people within informal and equal settings!

Leaving education I worked in retail, again in interesting places – a beautiful shop where I got to do all the window dressing, a museum and running my own refreshment kiosk at the seaside!

Throughout my working life it has always been the involvement of others that has given me the most pleasure, satisfaction and fun.



  • Artist
  • Maker
  • Carer
  • Father
  • Encourager
  • Coast watcher
  • Whippet lover
  • Cook
  • Lyricist
  • Preserver

My working life has been about engaging with people: encouraging, enjoying and learning from other people’s stories and histories.

My art work takes those stories and my own and presents them in a dramatic context through photography, textiles, music, installation and performance.

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