Art in Mind

The Aims of the Course

An Art In Mind course will provide you with a safe yet stimulating environment in order to challenge you to extend your skills and knowledge base in the arts.   You will work at your own pace within a group setting.  There are a maximum of 8 places on each course. Here are a few images:

Each course takes place over six weeks.  Each weekly session lasts for 2 1/2 hours.  The courses are held in museums, art galleries and libraries, all of which provide a rich course of inspiration.

The courses are about exploring different ways to make art and provide you with basic skills and knowledge so that you can carry on working at home.

“I created a 3 dimensional piece using cardboard.  I have never created a 3-D piece before: the course is definitely meeting my objective of improving my art skills.  Today was very relaxing; this is a very good way of improving mental health.”

What will you learn?

Each course has a different theme such as portraits, landscape, sketchbooks, paper costumes, puppets and working with objects.

The courses are not just about painting and drawing – the aim is to explore many various creative techniques so that no matter what your abilities are you will be able to make art.

This introduction to various forms of art was interesting, I have never made a folio book before and enjoyed completing this

For the first few weeks on each course we work on various creative exercises such as mixing colours, mark making, making books, texturing paper, drawing, paint techniques, collage and working with found materials.

“Loved It!  Endless possibilities with plain white paper, feeling really inspired to create stuff at home as well as in the class.  Lovely group and the informal teaching style feels comfortable.”

During the last few weeks we usually work on individual projects inspired by what we have learnt during the first sessions.  Depending on the theme of the course this might be a painting, a piece of textile art, a sculpture or a collage.

Who is Art in Mind for?

Art in Mind is for anyone who –

  • wants to gain confidence by being part of a group of like minded people,
  • who wants to spend time being creative,
  • who feels that the arts might help to improve or sustain their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Do I need to have any experience in art?

The courses are designed so that anyone can join in whether you have never picked up a paintbrush before or you have been to art school.

“One of the really good things is that one does not have to be able to draw in order to benefit.”

The small class size means that you can work at your own pace and develop your artwork or learn how to paint your first picture.

“Juliet is a very good tutor and the people I have met on the course were really pleasant.  I learnt a lot and drew my first ever portrait.”

What if I am anxious about joining a group?

We understand that joining a new group can be stressful.  We try to make the sessions as warm and welcoming as we can.  You are welcome to bring someone to support you whether that is just for the first few minutes to help you get to the session or to stay with you for a whole session.

It is our policy that anyone who comes as a support will fully participate in the session.  We work together as a group, including  tutors and volunteer facilitators.

It is our belief that there is no right or wrong way to do anything.  Whatever you produce is a unique piece of art to be proud of.

“The hardest part was actually coming through the door and joining the group.  Once I was there Juliet was kind and welcoming and it didn’t matter what art experiences you had had.  Each week you did as much as you could, following Juliet with no pressure.  By the end of the course you wanted it to carry on as the weeks have rushed by and it’s over too quickly!”

What if I am having a bad day?

We encourage everyone to attend every week as much as possible.  If on occasion you do not feel up to participating but would like to come and be with the group we would be pleased to see you.

Do I need to bring anything?

All materials are provided.  You might like to bring a portfolio to keep your work safe in. An A3 size is fine or some people prefer an A2 portfolio.  ‘The Works” shops usually carry a stock of different size portfolios and often only cost a few pounds.  You do not have to buy a portfolio, a large carrier bag is fine too.

We can leave work at the venue if it is wet or unfinished during the course but everything needs to be taken home at the end of the course.

Refreshments are also provided and some of the venues have cafes.

What if I want to talk to the tutor before I book a place?

The best way is to leave a message via the contact page.  If you would prefer to talk then please leave a message on the phone, please note that due to teaching commitments it is not always possible for us to answer the phone so it is important to leave a message and we  will ring you back.


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