Health and Wellbeing Award 2015

“The final nominated Award of the evening was the Health and Wellbeing Award sponsored by Suffolk County Council, Public Health, presented to Art In Mind…”  Suffolk Adult Learners Awards 2015

The new award recognised the achievement of a learner or group of learners and the positive impact on their or others health and wellbeing.


Marie Roberts nominated the organisation after it had a significant impact on the wellbeing of her daughter who has been affected by severe mental illness for the past six years leading to disability and acute isolation. She said “Art in Mind and the Tutor Juliet Lockhart is genuinely encouraging and will enable participants to do much more than they thought possible. My daughter has been able to join a group, feel a little more relaxed – something she was not able to do without extreme anxiety for more than four years. She has made a friend; they support each other and are starting to explore other interests together. She has been able to join the group without a parent present – again something she was not able to do for four years. She has been able to support others in the group, sharing ideas and helping other group members with difficult tasks and has shared her work in an exhibition and taken family to see that exhibition. She has felt valued and has made worthwhile contributions whilst being occupied in something interesting. Art in Mind has given her hope for the future.”


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