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lockARTS is about you and your potential finding a way to present yourself without risk using art to help you to be what you want to be working to find your true potential

Work with museums

We have developed many exciting visual arts projects with museums and galleries in East Anglia combining observational drawing, creative exploration of media and a deeper understanding of the histories behind everyday objects

Crafts and creative textiles

Much of the work we do involves textiles and craft media, this helps people develop confidence and skill and also provides points of engagement with traditional making practices

Masks and puppets

Puppet and mask making are enjoyable ways to work singly or in groups but they also provide powerful ways to engage with issues of personal identity and challenging situations in a less pressured environment

Drawing and painting

Drawing skills are never forgotten in our work: we believe that a combination of observation and creative exploration enables everyone whatever their starting point to develop the skill of seeing which is central to the visual arts

Lockarts is an independent arts in mental health organisation providing courses for people of all ages in the Suffolk area.

We have a small team of talented, inspirational trustees and volunteers who want to share our passion, skills and stories together to build a community with creativity and acceptance at its heart.
“I have made a sketch book with ideas of the type of animals I like.”
Currently our main projects for 2015-2016 are Art in Mind and the Puppets Project. You can read more about this work or search for a suitable course near you...